A wide spectrum of activities with specific goals makes up our Senior Center programs. Ideally KPCS strives to provide healthy aging options through several different kinds of activities and partnerships.

• The congregate meal program on Wednesdays & Fridays provides nutritional support that lowers the risk of seniors being susceptible to poor nutrition habits, illness, falls, and adds to social opportunities.
• Senior Foot Care is a program through Catholic Community Services. Seniors come every other month to get their toe nails clipped and enjoy a foot soak. This program is very important in keeping seniors mobile. Without proper foot care many aging adults would lose their ability to effectively walk. This in turn could cause them to be home bound much earlier in life.
• We have many different speakers that come to provide a wide range of topics, some of these include; Legislative updates, Health Directives, Global Warming, Nutrition topics, Safety at Home, and Drug interactions.
• S.A.I.L Stay Active and Independent for Life- Is an exercise class for seniors specifically designed for fall prevention. This class meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
• Field Trips are a great way to enjoy a day or evening out without having to drive. These social opportunities help prevent isolation and encourage social interactions.
• Seniors are encouraged to use their Senior Center as a gathering place for activities. Bingo, computer classes, board & card games after lunch and Tai Chi happen on a regular basis. There are other activities offered that are not necessary happening each week at the Senior Center, i.e. Self Defense Classes, cooking classes, etc.
• Senior Shopping days are the First and third Tuesday of the month. Seniors are encouraged to use this service as a way to get errands done like grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions. They also often enjoy a lunch out together.

The Senior Center is a safe nurturing place for seniors to get resources and assistance for a variety of needs. This may include shower and walker devices, application assistance for; Medicaid, House modifications, food EBT cards, assisted living options. Seniors may also request help with energy and food. KPCS staff helps with balancing checkbooks, ideas for ensuring that medications are being taken at correct times and check on seniors when they suddenly stop coming to the Center. The safety and wellbeing of our senior population is our primary goal. If at any time you see a senior that has fallen or appears to be sick, notify staff and call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move this person unless they are in danger where they are.


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